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You belong here if you...

  • feel out of place in gym crowds

  • are priced out of expensive studios

  • have to come out to be yourself

At Out Fitness, we...

  • break out of our old limitations

  • bring out the best in each other

  • work out for a better world

Thanks to our 35 Partners and all our supporters

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Out Fitness Collective is a queer and allied community sharing affordable fitness programs and a private studio in Cleveland's Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. Together we practice strength, endurance, and self-care so we each feel stronger in our own bodies. Our studio is available by appointment only (no walk-in visits, sorry), so schedule a studio tour or plan your workout!

Get updates about our workouts and events:


More offerings


pay as you go

$6+ /workout

Book private studio time for your solo workouts or join a pay-what-you-can class by our community instructors!

  Partner Plan 

$30+ /month

Unlimited private studio time
with free guest and last-minute booking,
plus $1 off every class and
special rates for Cleveland Massotherapy

As a Partner, your monthly support keeps our studio going strong and helps to cover costs for others. Thank you!

There are no startup or annual fees ever at Out Fitness. Join us whenever is best for you!

Our pricing is flexible so you can contribute according to your resources. When you pay more for your workout, you make it possible for another community member to pay only what they can afford. This collective model allows us to be more welcoming and inclusive than a standard gym.Can't work out right now? Make a donation to help us care for our studio. Thank you!

our studio

  • Private studio with two rooms, keyless entry, and wireless A/V

  • Strength, cardio, and functional training equipment (with helpful QR codes)

  • Complimentary coffee, tea, and vegan-friendly snacks

  • Bike and car parking, and located on a 24/7 bus line near the LGBT Center!



Make a donation to help us continue caring for our studio and providing affordable fitness options for our community. You can donate monthly or just one time. Thank you!


Out Fitness merch is available to show your pride! Proceeds benefit our mission.

You can also order IQ protein bars or MyProtein powder with our referral discount links to give a percentage of your purchase to Out Fitness. Both products are vegan-friendly.


As a collective, we welcome your gifts! Teaching a small class or workshop is a great way to grow your practice while benefitting our LGBTQ+ community.You can teach 1-4 participants in-person or use our studio to teach online! We provide the space and registration system, and your participants will tip you directly.Please consider offering:

  • Strength and resistance training

  • Cardio, aerobics, HIIT, or TRX

  • Yoga, stretching, low-impact, or chair routines

  • Mindfulness and other wellness practices

  • Self-defense or basic martial arts

About Out

Founded by JJ in October 2022
Crowdfunded by 50+ friends, family, and neighbors
Located in the historic Randolph building (1910)
Powered by your workouts

Fit in

Out Fitness is a safe, welcoming place for members and allies of our LGBTQ+ community to practice fitness. Together we create a better exercise experience: beginner-friendly, privacy-focused, self-caring, body-affirmingRead our studio rules to learn how we care for our private studio as a collective. Join our online group to connect with our community.

our values

  1. We recognize and share our abundance of talents and resources.

  2. We celebrate equity and take power from experienced marginalization to build a more inclusive community.

  3. We respect each other's identities, privacy, personal space, and time as well as our shared space and equipment.

  4. We create safety by never tolerating language or behavior that demeans or harms.

  5. We believe wellness is felt and owned by each person and their unique body, not seen or judged by others.

Equipment list

  • Inspire FTX cable machine (15-165lbs) with attachments

  • Body-Solid leg press machine (10-210lbs)

  • Concept2 RowErg rowing machine

  • Concept2 SkiErg skiing machine

  • Dumbbells (2-60lbs)

  • Kettlebells (5-44lbs)

  • Schwinn elliptical

  • 2 indoor cycles (spinning bikes)

  • Resistance bands, ankle weights, & lightweight dumbbells

  • Medicine balls (10-20lbs)

  • Suspension ("TRX") training straps

  • HandyGym flywheel resistance trainer

  • Pull up bar

  • 2 adjustable benches

  • Decline crunch bench

  • Yoga and exercise mats

  • Foam roller and blocks

  • Aerobics step platforms

  • Weighted training bar (10lbs)

  • Push-up accessories

  • Video/photo tripod

  • Smart TV, wireless speakers, projector, and wi-fi

drop in

Hey Partners!We've replaced "drop-ins" with last-minute booking.Last-minute booking lets you see live availability and claim your workout time. It also eliminates the extra step of scanning a QR code when you arrive.If you have questions or thoughts about this, please text me at 216.250.2098. Thanks! –JJ


  1. Every guest must sign our waiver before using our facility or services.

  2. Every guest must be at least 18 years of age OR at least 15 years of age and accompanied by their guardian.

  3. Never share your studio access code with anyone. All door entries with your code are attributed to you.

  4. Facility use is restricted to the hours between 7am and 10pm every day and by appointment only.

  5. When leaving, ensure the studio windows and exterior (W 74th St) door are closed and locked.

  6. Keep the exterior (W 74th) door locked at all times.

  7. Out Fitness guests are restricted to our two studio rooms (northwest and southwest) and the shared restroom area. The remaining offices on the floor are private.

  8. No discrimination or harassment of any kind. Act according to our values.

  9. No more than two (2) people may use the studios simultaneously, unless supervised by an instructor during an instructor rental.

  10. Always wear clean shoes or socks in the studio rooms.

  11. Please bathe within 24 hours prior to visiting our studio. There is no shower at our facility.

  12. Do not drop or slam weights. Do not stomp or jump on floors.

  13. No bottles or liquids on the hardwood floors, and no incense or flames anywhere in the building.

  14. If you cause a mess, clean it up immediately. Dispose of all trash in the trash cans.

  15. At the end of your session, wipe down equipment and return every item to its starting place along the room perimeter.

  16. Keep all sounds below a shouting volume and refrain from any derogatory or sexually explicit music/audio.

  17. Please compensate your instructor for each class with a tip (minimum $5).

  18. If equipment/facilities are damaged or unclean, or if the doors or keys are unsecured, send a text message to 216.250.2098 immediately.